Rethinking the Automotive Industry

rethinking automotive industryFor over a year, I’ve been working in the automotive industry as a IT manager, business analyst, programmer, and process analyst. I’ve learned more than I than I’ve ever wanted to in this role, and yet am thankful for the opportunity.

I’ve been pondering some ideas about the future of the automotive industry. I shared these with my dealer recently as well as a regional rep from one of the major automotive manufacturers. The feedback I got was mixed, but informative as well.

Over the next few posts, I want to spell out what I think the automotive industry will look like in the future. And despite the feedback I received, I believe that my ideas are valid. With one minor contingency. States have franchise laws, and those franchise laws may prevent some of these ideas from occurring.

The series will look at the following topics:

1. The power shift occurring in automotive buying
2. The future of the auto dealer
3. The future of automotive manufacturing
4. Rethinking the automotive industry
5. Related industry growth
6. Overall implications for the automotive industry

I will express general ideas and add scenarios where relevant.